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Universal strip wax all skin types, hair textures and all areas of the body
A complete set of products for performing a sugaring treatment. Ideal for mobile beauticians, students, travel or for use in the privacy of your home.
Cleanser used to prep skin prior to sugar treatment
Calendula and Blueberry helps to restore the skin following the treatment
Preps the skin for application of sugar paste
Non woven, soft and hypo-allergenic
Pre-cut Non Woven Strips
Ideal for legs, arms and back and sensitive skin
Mica and Titanium wax ideal for gentle waxing experience wax used on all skin type and hair textures even the stubbles are removed with ease
Post Waxing Gel with Chamomile, Camphor and Menthol
Portable Roll on Wax Hair Removal Wax Heater. (White) with transparent and fuscia caps
Ideal for sensitive and hyper-reactive skin. Delicate Waxing. Vellus and Terminal Hairs
Ideal for short coarse hair, dry, sensitive and tanned skin
Ideal for use on sensitive, dry and tanned skin, legs arms and back
Ideal for use on sensitive skin, all hair textures, leg, arms, chest and back
Ideal for normal skin, legs, arms, chest and back
Normal skin all hair textures
Lemon, Algae, Ruscus and Sage
All skin types and hair textures. Used on skin legs arms and back
Creamy and gentle wax with superior grip, exceptionally pliable for smooth application. All skin types and hair textures
Soft creamy texture and divine chocolate aroma used on arms legs chest and back
Ideal for use on all skin types, hair textures, leg, arms, chest and back
Ideal for dry dehydrated and sensitive skin
Used For Dabaciare Wax Discs
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