Suntribe is a young Award-Winning Brand from Sweden, founded by three friends

who are avid lovers of nature, water sports and outdoor activities.

The trio were apoplectic by the toxic ingredients found in sunscreens, as well as the outdated

and overly commercialized practices of making sunscreens.


The trail blazers  were passionate to make a positive contribution to change the norm

 in the Sunscreen Industry. Armed with the the whole-hearted conviction that there is

  no compromise  between safety and high-functionality,  they set out on a  a journey

  to create a brand consumers can rely on, without having to worry about the contents

   of their products and would not bring about any harm to the environment.


Suntribe effective clean formulations contain only the finest certified organic and natural 

 ingredients and are free from synthetic chemicals, perfumes and preservatives. In addition,

 Suntribe, conduct rigorous tests on their products ensuring they adhere to their claims and

 conforms to the benchmark of the most discerning enthusiasts.  



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