Avalon Fine Plus with Lidocaine

Koru Pharma

Correction of fine wrinkles and facial lines

Package 1 syringe / 2 needles

AVALON™ FINE PLUS is a non-surgical filler which contains highly-purified hyaluronic acid (20 mg/ml) and lidocaine (0.3%) for anaesthetic effects. 

AVALON™ FINE PLUS is designed to be injected into the superficial dermis for the correction of fine wrinkles and facial lines. The presence of lidocaine is intended to reduce patient discomfort during treatment.

An ideal solution for the correction of the finest and thinnest wrinkles with results lasting up to 9 months.*

*The duration of effect might vary depending on the individual physical characteristics of the patient, injection method and type of the procedure. 


  • Thin dermal wrinkles (Class I-II)
  • Perioral wrinkles
  • Volume loss in temporal region
  • Horizontal neck wrinkles
  • Loss of volume in lips
  • Atrophic scars
  • Nasolacrimal and palpebromalar lines
  • Wrinkles on the back of the hands


  • Developed with MCO™ Tech. purification technology
  • Painless and safe procedure
  • Long lasting effect
  • Short recovery period
  • Contains an anaesthetic
  • Optimal concentration of HA
  • Even distribution of product under the skin

Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid in AVALON™ Fillers

MCO™ Tech. (Minimizing Cross-linking-agent by Optimizing reaction Technology) is a technology developed by Koru Pharmaceuticals’ R&D Institute.The cross-linking agent serves to connect hyaluronic acid chains to form a net.Through optimization of cross-linking reaction conditions in which a chemical reaction between the cross-linking agent and HA occurs, the use of the cross-linking agent is minimized, thereby maximizing the efficiency of the cross-linking reaction.
Restore volume and face contouring
Treat deep wrinkles, folds and restore volume
Treat mid-depth wrinkles and lip augmentation
Treat mid-depth wrinkles and lip augmentation
Correction of fine wrinkles and facial lines

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