Sandy Gold Multi-directional Wax Pearls


Multi-directional universal wax - all areas, skin types and hair textures


Product Details

A gorgeous gold colored wax. An excellent formulation, created to adapt to the epilation of all areas of the face and body.

  • Gentle on the most delicate areas and sensitive skin
  • Effectively shrink wrap the hair follicle not the skin
  • It prevents folliculitis and delays regrowth 
  • Can be applied and removed from any direction with ease
  • Leaves the skin silky, soft and hair-free 
Multi-directional versatile wax, ideal for coarse and resistant hair, delicate areas and sensitive skin
Multi-directional versatile wax Ideal for delicate waxing and sensitive skin
Multi-directional wax contains high quality bees wax and vegetal resins. Ideal for coarse hair
Black multi-directional, pliable versatile wax. Formulated with Mica & Titanium Dioxide. Ideal for sensitive skin, coarse and stubborn hair
Multi-directional pliable versatile wax. Ideal for sensitive skin and delicate waxing. Lovely subtle vanilla aroma
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