Derma CollAGE Natural Algae Mask


An excellent alternative to traditional alginate masks


Natural Algae Mask is a universal moisturising compress, which is ideal for:

  • dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin
  • flaky and irritated skin
  • relaxing spa treatments

This treatment is particularly recommended for people whose skin:

  • is not sufficiently moisturised and regenerated
  • needs a supply of natural amino acids
  • requires restoration of the protective barrier


  • moisturizes, soothes and accelerates the regeneration of dry and irritated skin
  • when activated, it creates a gel cataplasma which retains water in the skin
  • strengthens the natural functions of the hydro-lipid layer
  • rich in amino acids, proline, arginine, citrulline and alanine, which are necessary for collagen biosynthesis
  • contains rare minerals and mannitol as well as alginic acid
  • phytosterol saringosterol with antibacterial properties
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