Callux Pro Professional Kit

Callux Pro

Beauty Professionals Kit contains all items required for the perfect pedicure

The Callux Pro Professional Kit is ideal for Salons and Beauty Professionals. The kit provides everything you require to provide the luxurious pedicure treatment for your clients. 

The Kit contains the following items:

  • 1x 1000ml Callux Gel 
  • 1x 1000g Callux Foot Soak
  • 1x 1000ml Callux Balm/Mask
  • 1x 500ml Callux Cream 
  • 1x 400g Callux Blackberry Peeling Scrub 
  • 1x150 Callux Foot Foam 30%
  • 1x150 Callux Foot Foam 18%
  • 2x55ml Callux Anti-bacterial Spray with Propolis
  • 2x50ml Callux Cuticle Gel
  • 2x11ml Callux Ultra Protector
  • 2xCallux Milla Nail Softener
  • 1x 300m Cling Wrap
  • 1x Callux Foot File
  • 1x Callux Professional Scraper 
  • 20x Disposable Grits 20 x 80
  • 20x Disposable Grits 20 x 150   
  • 1x100pcs Callux Non-woven Wipes


  • 1x Callux Pro Apron 
  • 1x Counter Card
  • 4x 5ml Callux Cream Samples

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