Browsie Strip Wax

Jax Wax

Specifically Designed For Professional Brow Artists

Key Ingredients: Mica
Fragrance: Subtle Jasmine Scent
Colour: Pink Magenta Colour
Professional Brow Artists Dream Wax

Browsie Strp Wax, has been specifically designed, to address the needs of Professional Brow Artists. This gorgeous low-temperature wax has a subtle Jasmine scent, an attractive shimmery pigmentation and a pink magenta colour and looks lush in your wax pots.  

  • Contains Mica for added strength and the perfect colour for ease of application.
  • Aids in precise brow shaping and minimizes the pain associated with waxing
  • Vegan-friendly, paraben-free, polymer-free
  • Economical

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Specifically Designed For Professional Brow Artists
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