Avalon Vital

Koru Pharma

Treat mid-depth wrinkles and lip augmentation

Package 1ml syringe 2 needles.

AVALON™ VITAL is a non-surgical filler which contains highly-purified hyaluronic acid (20 mg/ml).

It is designed to be injected into the dermis for the treatment of mid-depth wrinkles and lip augmentation. 

AVALON™ Vital offers an optimal combination of viscosity and elasticity and is made from a non-animal origin stabilised hyaluronic acid.

An ideal solution for the correction of thin dermal wrinkles with results lasting from 12 – 18 months*.

*The duration of effect might vary depending on the individual physical characteristics of the patient, injection method and type of the procedure. 


  • Wrinkles and folds of mid-depth
  • Marionette folds
  • Mouth frown
  • Wrinkles on the back of the hands
  • Minor aesthetic defects on ear lobes
  • Volume loss of soft tissues of the buccal and temporal areas


  • Developed with MCO™ Tech. purification technology
  • Easy correction of mid-depth wrinkles
  • Absolutely safe for use in the face and body
  • No edema or inflammations
  • Deep moisturising of the skin
  • Normalisation of body fluids
  • Suitable for patients with sensitive skin
  • No migration and no lumps

Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid in AVALON™ Fillers

MCO™ Tech. (Minimising Cross-linking-agent by Optimising reaction Technology) is a technology developed by Koru Pharmaceuticals’ R&D Institute.The cross-linking agent serves to connect hyaluronic acid chains to form a net.Through optimisation of cross-linking reaction conditions in which a chemical reaction between the cross-linking agent and HA occurs, the use of the cross-linking agent is minimised, thereby maximising the efficiency of the cross-linking reaction.
Restore volume and face contouring
Treat deep wrinkles, folds and restore volume
Treat mid-depth wrinkles and lip augmentation
Correction of fine wrinkles and facial lines
Correction of fine wrinkles and facial lines

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