Alpine Bluebell Depilatory Strip/Soft Wax Cartridge

Remove very short and coarse hair on all areas

Key Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide and Lavender Essential Oil
Fragrance: Fresh Lavender Aroma
Colour: Violet
Perfect For
Facial  & Legs Waxing|Short & Coarse Hair |Speed Waxing 

Alpine Bluebell Depilatory Strip/Soft Wax, is very versatile and a thrill for Beauty Professionals to work with. It can be used on a wide range of treatment areas from delicate facial waxing to full leg waxing. 

  • All skin, superior grip, for very short and coarse hair
  • All skin and hair types 
  • Lavender Essential Oil soothe and soften the skin
  • Leaves no sticky residue, translucent
  • Spreads super thin, economical to use
  • 100ml Disposal Cartridge

Recommended Pre and After Care Products: 
Alpine Blue Bell Pre Wax Cleanser |Alpine Blue Bell Pre and After Wax Oil |Alpine Blue Bell After Wax Lotion

Roll-on Wax Cartridges  
Quick & Convenient|Suitable for large & small areas | Heats Evenly | Economical|
Ultra-hygienic - No cross-contamination - No mess - No sticky residue

The Royal Bluebell is a violet coloured Australian wildflower and the floral emblem of the Australian Capital Territory.  Royal Bluebell occurs mainly in sub-alpine woodland in the Australian Capital Territory, south-eastern New South Wales and Victoria. It is suitable for growing in sunny or semi-shaded positions in cool regions.  The Royal Blue Bell makes a great ground cover and grows very well in shallow pots and hanging baskets. The Australian indigenous Wurundjerri people used the flowers as bush tucker for a very long time.
Remove very short and coarse hair on all areas
Fragile and delicate waxing. Removal of peach fuzz and coarse hair.
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