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Skin Care

28 Day Progressive Gel Peel, formulated with flower and hylauronic acids.
Microbiome Regulation. Cleansing formula with Shikimic and Hylauronic Acids
Light mattifying cream. Ideal for use under makeup.
Light Gel Mask
An easily-absorbed night cream gently moisturizes and balances the skin’s microbiome.
Specially designed dermo-cosmetic peel to regulate the skin microbiome
Microbiome and Acne Regulating Serum
Gentle deep desinscrustation solution for cleansing skin with different irregularities.
Exfoliating and Hydrating Toner formulated with hyaluronic acid and natural AHA, BHA and AKA flower acids.
Neutralizes the effect of acids in Arkana Peels. Mild formula based on L-arginine and panthenol.
Strong rejuvenating peel with redermalization properties. It uses the bio-stimulating effect of succinic and glycolic acids.
Synergy of 2 unique skin bio-stimulants: succinic and hyaluronic acid
Serum 2 used in re-mineralizing treatment
Bio-stimulating active ingredients, improves the firmness, density and condition of your skin
Re-dermalizing Peel exfoliates and activates a process of bio-revitalization
Treatment of re-dermalization and bio-stimulation of the skin
Sheet Mask with amber powder and a complex of copper, zinc and magnesium.
Bio-renewing cream with amino acids
Active serum with a cocktail of 12 amino acids and hyaluronic acid.
Bioactive, regenerating multi-action night cream.
Eco & Skin friendly SPF 50+ cream. Provides very high UVA and UVB radiation.
Intensive dermo-cream with 10% azelaic acid fortified with 5% of azeloglicyne
Specialized formula to normalizing and brightening skin prone to acne and redness.
Gentle Makeup Remover and Skin Cleanser.
Professional strength eye cream for reducing signs of aging
Lift the jaw line, chin, reduce sagging skin and drooping cheeks.
Serum that relaxes wrinkles with botox-like effect
Highly concentrated booster with the GLOW effect. It contains vitamin C and curcumin.
Shot treatment with vitamin C and curcumin with the 'glow' effect
An Illuminating cream provides the skin with a powerful dose of vitamin C and curcumin and immediate 'touch of gold' effect
Algae mask designed sensitive, vascular and irritated skin.
Fine-grain peel that ensures “intelligent microdermabrasion” effect.
A specialized formula to prepare skin for the application of Arkana Chemical Peels.
An excellent alternative to traditional alginate masks
Ideal solution for dull, dry and dehydrated skin.
A gel like formula enhances the effects of the Derma Collage Moisture Cream
Emollient, nourishing cream maskdeeply nourishes the skin
A highly concentrated moisturizing shot
Delicate enzymatic peel
A multi-component, highly concentrated cream, dedicated to special care of very dry, irritated and flaky skin.
Effectively and delicately removes make-up and impurities.
Improves microcirculation and reduces puffiness
Illuminates eyes for fresh, and well-rested appearance
Advanced serum for lifting and smoothing wrinkles around eyes.
Highly concentrated elixir to help combat dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness, and drooping eyelids
Gel for use with all microcurrent skincare devices
Toner with 12 Amino Acids and Hyaluronic Acid
Triple Effect Peel: cleanse oxygenate and brighten
Serum 1 used in re-mineralizing treatment
A rich hydrating cream, recommended for intensive night-time care for neutral to very dry skin
Lightweight Hydrating Cream
Moisturizing Mask with Stimulation of Aquaporins
Serum dedicated to skin that need deep and immediate moisturizing.
Algae mask based on tranexamic acid and pearl extract
An intense peel based on the modification of Jessner’s classic peel.
Moisturizing and regenerating cream with lactobionic acid and Vitamins A and C
Cream with lactobionic and hyaluronic acid
Moisturizing gel cleanser
Moisturizing toner with lactobionic acid
Peel with lactobionic acid
Intensive peel with mandelic acid
A unique highly effective formula with triple power of acids with normalizing and exfoliating properties
Skin nourishing lotion softens and conditions skin
Deep and gentle cleansing oil with hemp seed oil, vegetable oil and Centella asiatica
Bamboo Sheet Hemp Seed Face Mask ideal to combat skin fatigue
Power facial oil infusion Hemp Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil and Tamanu Oil
Brightens dark patchy skin creating a soft and lustrous look
Powerful anti-aging serum formulated with hemp seed oil and sunflower seed oil.
Alcohol-free water based toner enriched with natural hemp seed oil
Foot cream with 10% urea with a softening effect
Neuro mask for dry, stressed skin, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis
Cannabis ointment, formulated with lanolin, oils and waxes
Neuro serum for stressed and dysfunctional skin
Delicate neuro tonic for sensitive skin
A light face cream delivering strong lifting, smoothing, and plumping effects.
A rapid neuro peel containing GABA NANA and Lactic Acids
Perfecting mask for face lifting and smoothing effect.
Day Cream for hyper-reactive and capillary skin
Soothing mask for repairing hyper-reactive skin prone to irritation and redness
For hyper-reactive and rosacea prone skin
Neuro cream with elixir for stressed and sensitive skin
Purify and rejuvenate stress, dull "gray" skin.
Anti-aging serum that preserves and restores youthful look.
Remodeling rejuvenating cream with plasma – lift effect,
Serum with PRP effect for professional treatments.
A natural alternative to chemical peels with phenol.
Post-treatment S.O.S mask which accelerate regeneration
Soothing and regenerating ointment, rich in essential oils for the treatment of dry and dehydrated skin.
A specialist care set after an intensive treatment SOS for all types of irritation and allergy prone skin.
Algae mask containing Shikimic Acid
Combination of natural AHA, BHA, AKA and Pyruvic Acids
Algae mask for mature skin with wrinkles
Day cream SPF 15, with vector retinol and encapsulated vitamins A, E and C
Skin renewal night mask for plumping and anti-aging effect.
Express mask with vector retinol and encapsulated vitamins A, E and C
Peel with vector retinol and encapsulated vitamins A, E and C
Serum with vector retinol and encapsulated vitamins A, E and C
Rich nutritive massage cream
Super moisturizing sheet mask with natural bio structure 3D provides a calming and brightening effect.
Potent Vitamin C Serum for skin discoloration
Brightening Balm for to use after Depilatory treatments
For skin prone to discoloration
An innovative brightening peel using Arkana’s original formula
Potent serum intended to fight skin discolouration.
Anatomical mask which remodels and improves face shape in the “V” area and chin
Cream for correcting facial contours
Powerful Serum for Improving Facial Oval and Contour.
Formulated with plant oils, contains a high concentration of phytoestrogens and flavonoids.
Delicate foam that cleanses, smoothes and relaxes the skin.
Essential revitalizing water – acts more intensively than toner.
Dermo-esthetic cream with phytoestrogens.
Special set for women, restoring balance and youthful appearance during hormonal changes
Phytoactive Face Oil nourish the skin, provide vitamins and strengthen protective barrier
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