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A selection of face masks that provide a wide range of benefits

Beta-Glucan Laser Post Treatment Hydro Gel Mask
Combines a specially developed gel and a cotton mask
Coenzyme Q10 Rejuvenation Alginate Mask
Cool Pore Minimizing Alginate Mask
Mesotherapy Post Treatment Care Mask
Skin nourishing lotion softens and conditions skin
Deep and gentle cleansing oil with hemp seed oil, vegetable oil and Centella asiatica
Bamboo Sheet Hemp Seed Face Mask ideal to combat skin fatigue
Power facial oil infusion Hemp Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil and Tamanu Oil
Brightens dark patchy skin creating a soft and lustrous look
Powerful anti-aging serum formulated with hemp seed oil and sunflower seed oil.
Alcohol-free water based toner enriched with natural hemp seed oil
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