KoruPharma Collection

Koru Pharma Fillers

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Correction of fine wrinkles and facial lines
Correction of fine wrinkles and facial lines
Restore volume and face contouring
Treat deep wrinkles, folds and restore volume
Treat mid-depth wrinkles and lip augmentation
Treat mid-depth wrinkles and lip augmentation
Correction of aesthetics defects
Delicate elimination of wrinkles
Intensive wrinkles correction and facial contouring
Optimize scalp microcirculation and induce hair growth. Visible results can be seen after 12 weeks
Restores volume to the body- breast, buttocks and lower legs. Body contouring. Combats cellulite and uneven skin texture
An innovative formula with stabilized hylauronic acid

Koru Pharma Mesotherapy

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A unique combination of hyaluronic acid and lyophilized polylactide powder (PLA)
Skin brightening therapy powered by age-defying peptides
Effiacious modern, non-crossed link Hylauronic Acid Bio-revitalizant

Koru Pharma Lioplytics

Lipo Lax and Lipo Lax+

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A fat dissolving solution that reduces the number of fat cells in the face area.
Innovative and effective fat burning therapy

Koru Pharma Facial Peeling

Dr Peel line is specially designed for deep cleansing, anti-aging, eliminating imperfections of the skin, and post-peel care.

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Medium anti-aging peel stimulate collagen production and improve elasticity. For acne scars, deeper wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.
Collagen Revitalizing Solution, provides a delicate, yet powerful protection in order to extend the full benefits of peelings

KoruPharma Anesthetics

A range of anesthetic products that are specially formulated to provide long-lasting pain relief for patients for various procedures.

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Premium Topical Numbing Cream (10.56 % Lidocaine)
Premium Topical Numbing Cream (5 % Lidocaine). FDA approved
Premium Topical Numbing Cream formulated with Lidocaine and Prilocaine
Unique Anesthetic (9.96% Lidocaine) Gel for Fast Acting, Long Lasting, Maximum Numbness.

KoruPharma Threads

Mesotherapy threads recommended for a number of treatment areas including, face, neck, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, hands, knees and other areas.

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Used to correct signs of facial aging, volume loss and facial oval weakness.
Mesothread with notches for lifting the skin on the face and body. FDA approved.
For face rejuvenation, skin lifting and tightening.
Innovative mesothread for lifting and tightening the skin
High-quality mesothread with knots with an innovative way of lifting the skin on the face and body.
Combining two PDO threads with multidirectional notches in a mesh design
Used for thread lifting
Mesothread for skin lifting and tightening.
Used for restoring tissue volume and rejuvenating the skin of the face.
For lifting and tightening the skin
Used on the face, neck and body to achieve a lifting and tightening effect.

Koru Pharma Cosmeceuticals

A selection of face masks that provide a wide range of benefits

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Beta-Glucan Laser Post Treatment Hydro Gel Mask
Combines a specially developed gel and a cotton mask
Coenzyme Q10 Rejuvenation Alginate Mask
Cool Pore Minimizing Alginate Mask
Mesotherapy Post Treatment Care Mask
Skin nourishing lotion softens and conditions skin
Deep and gentle cleansing oil with hemp seed oil, vegetable oil and Centella asiatica
Bamboo Sheet Hemp Seed Face Mask ideal to combat skin fatigue
Power facial oil infusion Hemp Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil and Tamanu Oil
Brightens dark patchy skin creating a soft and lustrous look
Powerful anti-aging serum formulated with hemp seed oil and sunflower seed oil.
Alcohol-free water based toner enriched with natural hemp seed oil
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